How to Become A Fitness Model

Fitness models are celebrities who have been featured in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, movies, and commercials. They are usually thin, attractive young adults who promote health and fitness products. Fitness models are often hired by companies to advertise their products.

Some fitness models are paid employees of these companies, while others are unpaid volunteers. However, most fitness models receive compensation for their services.

Types of Fitness Models:

There are two main types of fitness models:

1) Professional Fitness Models, and

2) Amateur Fitness Models

Types of Fitness Models

Professional models usually have the training and educational backgrounds. Amateur models may have no formal training.

Professional fitness models usually have a portfolio of pictures showing off their physique. Amateurs generally don’t have portfolios of their pictures. Instead, they rely on personal websites, online photo albums, and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Amateur fitness models typically spend hours every week working out and preparing for their appearances. This preparation involves exercising, dieting, and taking care of themselves.

Levels of Fitness Modeling:

In addition, there are several levels of fitness modeling. At the top level, fitness models compete against each other in various contests and events. Some of these competitions include Miss Fitness America, Mr. & Mrs. Fitness America, and Ms. Fitness International.

A fitness model’s job duties may vary depending on his/her position within the company. For example, an executive fitness model may be responsible for developing fitness programs for clients. An assistant fitness model may assist the fitness model with his/her responsibilities.

It is very difficult to become a fitness model. To succeed, one must possess certain physical attributes and personality traits. These include beauty, charisma, and determination.

What Does Being a Fitness Model Involve?

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Modeling jobs vary depending on the size of the company and the position you hold within the company.

Some companies hire fitness models to pose for print ads, television commercials, magazine covers, billboards, and websites. Others hire fitness models to appear in catalogs, fashion shows, runway shows, and photo shoots.

In addition to modeling clothes, fitness models sometimes perform stunts, dance routines, and other physical feats for clients.

Being a fitness model involves spending hours in front of the cameras, working alongside professional makeup artists and hair stylists, and wearing expensive clothing.

Benefits of Working as a Fitness Model:

Every benefit mentioned here might also find a place under “Cons of Being A Fitness Model” as this industry doesn’t operate on any set guidelines and companies pay based on their whims and fancies.

For example, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for fitness models was $26,510 in 2015. This means that fitness models earned approximately $8 per hour. But, another fitness model who appeared in Victoria’s Secret catalog made over $100,000.

Working as a fitness model has its pros and cons. Here are some of the perks of becoming a fitness model:

• Flexible Schedule – Most fitness models work flexible schedules, meaning they don’t have to be available every single day.

• Variety – There are many types of jobs that fitness models can take part in. For instance, fitness models can work in print modeling, runway shows, photo shoots, and television commercials.

• Career Growth – Many fitness models eventually become spokesmodels or brand ambassadors. These positions offer better pay and more opportunities for growth.

• Travel Opportunities – Some fitness models travel the world, visiting exotic locations like New York City, Paris, London, and Milan.

• High Payouts – According to the U.S Department of Labor Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average salary of a fitness model was $26,510.

• Fashionable Clothes – As mentioned earlier, most fitness models wear expensive clothing. However, some fitness models choose to wear cheaper clothing to save money.

• Fun Job – Some fitness models find the job rewarding and exciting. They feel satisfied knowing that they’ve helped promote a well-known brand.

• Social Life – Fitness models often enjoy socializing with colleagues after work. They go out dancing, shopping, and dining together.

On the downside, working as a fitness model comes with several disadvantages:

• Long Hours – Most fitness models work long hours, especially during peak season.

• No Benefits – Although some fitness models receive health insurance coverage, they still have to pay for medical expenses out of pocket.

• Low Pay – Because there are no set guidelines for what constitutes a fair wage, some fitness models may struggle to make ends meet.

• Unpredictable Workload – Since there are no set guidelines, fitness models’ workload varies greatly. Sometimes they’re booked for weeks at a time; other times, they may only be needed for a couple of days.

• Lack of Self-Esteem – Fitness models may feel inadequate about themselves due to their appearance. After all, they must constantly maintain their bodies and look perfect.

• Stigma – Due to the nature of the industry, people may judge fitness models negatively based on their appearance.

Tips to Get Started on Your Journey to Become a Fitness Model:

Fitness modeling is an exciting job option that can lead to a lucrative career. If you’re interested in becoming a fitness model, here are some tips to get you started:

#1. Find Out What Type of Work You Can Do

Before you apply for any jobs, find out what type of work you can do. There are several types of fitness models, such as bikini, lingerie, swimsuit, and fitness. Each has its own requirements. For example, a bikini model may need to be fit and toned, whereas a fitness model may need to be flexible and agile.

#2. Research Different Types of Jobs

Research different types of jobs online. This will give you an idea of what each position entails and whether or not you would be suited for the job.

For instance, if you were considering working as a fitness model, you would probably need to be fit and flexible. However, if you wanted to become a fitness instructor, you would need to be knowledgeable about exercise and health.

#3. Network With Other Models

Join a gym or workout class to network with other models. Ask questions and learn from others.

In addition, join a Facebook group for fitness models. These groups often include trainers and photographers who can provide advice and guidance.

#4. Be Prepared To Take Pictures

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Some jobs require taking pictures. Some companies ask for head-shots and full body shots. Others may ask for specific poses.

Make sure to bring props to pose with. You don’t want to show up without anything to hold onto.

#5. Consider Working Part Time

Many models work part-time. Depending on your schedule, you may be able to work one or two days per week.

#6. Enjoy Yourself While You’re On Set

When you’re on set, remember to relax and have fun. Don’t stress over every detail. Instead, focus on enjoying yourself and meeting new people.

#7. Build Relationships

Relationships matter. Build relationships with your coworkers and clients. Thank them for taking time out of their day to give you some constructive criticism.

#8. Understand The Industry’s Rules

Understand the industry’s rules. Know what constitutes appropriate behavior and dress.

#9. Accept Feedback Constructively

Accept constructive criticism. Use it to improve your craft.

Briefly, if you have the right look, you can become a model. All you need is a little bit of talent, some confidence, and a willingness to work hard. And once you’ve made it through the modeling process, you can use your new skills to earn money doing whatever kind of modeling you’d like.

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